Welcome from Mark Inglis

The Corona Christian:

I am 45 years old and despite my daily human mistakes and lack of focus at times, I believe I am at one of my most faithful periods of time in my walk with Jesus. I take long walks in the early AM and pray at length about my praises and fears. I am daily encouraged by my wife and 3 daughters. And I do the best I can to not let the news of the day overwhelm me. But sometimes I still feel out of place and that the modern day Christian church has failed me.

So my extensive series of daily blogs will attempt to point out my misgivings about Christianity without singling out specific people and without pointing to specific congregations. That’s right. I’m going to complain in the nicest, most vague way that I can and still try to make it thought provoking and well written. Wish me luck!

I’ll talk about incidents from my past; feelings of hypocrisy and the disconnect between message and action; and then eventually possible solutions(if there are any.) The Christian church has been around for almost 2000 years and they’ve still got people like me whining about form and content. But bare with me. I plan to be as passionate and thorough as I can about bringing Christ back to Christianity. Thank you for reading my very first blog.

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