Excerpt from first book

Today I will be offering a short excerpt from my first short novel that I entitled, Night and Day in Alabama. The story is about how college age kids come to believe what they believe. This excerpt is from the end of the book, where I’m wrapping up the story and offering up some ideas about God.

“Belief comes when we give up our quest for the ‘know’ and take up the daily embrace of the ‘I will.’ A priori certainty is not our purpose anymore than fear is our purpose. The ‘I know’ is just as bad as ‘I fear,’ but the ‘I believe’ is life itself. To walk out on the limb of life, staring into the eyes of God without knowing, without fearing – to continue walking without looking down for your footing, without looking behind for your failings, and without looking ahead for your security – to be out on your own Sea of Galilee with only the eyes of Jesus to hold you up – this is the ‘I believe’ and the life we were all meant for.”

Thank you for reading my 6th blog.

Mark Inglis

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