Money always buys happiness

I grew up always hearing that “money can’t buy happiness,” and I would hear that from people I trusted, so for a long time I just assumed that statement was correct. It was also corroborated by the 1st Timothy verse about the love of money being the root of all evil. But as I got older, I gave the “money can’t buy happiness” statement a harder look and realized that it was wrong.

Money buys happiness each and every time! I realized somewhere along the way that whoever came up with “money can’t buy happiness,” was really talking about when the money runs out. “Money can’t buy happiness,” came from someone who either ran out of money and realized that made them sad, or some rich guy who wanted to keep us out of the happiness club. As long as there is money there is happiness. It buys us stuff and friends and space and time and freedom and toys and tasty food and new vistas and on and on and on. As long as there is money there is happiness.

And as Christians we don’t have to think of money in selfish terms. What if the thing that makes you happy is feeding starving kids in Africa? Well, what are you going to need to do that? Money. What if you want to help your church grow? Money. What if saving animals is your thing? Money. Helping find a cure for cancer? Money. Buying the world a Coke and teaching it to sing in perfect harmony? Lots of money. Money buys happiness all the time whether its in the hands of a hedonist or a saint. If you’re talking about being unfulfilled by money you’re talking about when it runs out. Thank you for reading my 7th blog.

Mark Inglis

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