Bleeding Hearts

I was thinking about odd phrases and words used as odd insults recently… like “brainiac”. That should be good to be called really smart shouldn’t it? And then there’s “tree hugger.” Don’t we want to protect the things that give us oxygen? Another one I landed on was “bleeding hearts.” As I understand it, it means someone who cares too often about too many people, maybe even to the point of using up excessive resources to do so. I think these days the full phrase is “bleeding heart liberal.”

That seems like a very odd insult to me. “You care too much! You even care about strangers that don’t deserve it because they’re lazy and corrupt!” Uhhh…. yes.?. You got me. But I have a good reason for doing it. I do it because the greatest human of all time told me to do it. As I understand it His Book that He left for us says that I am supposed to…A. Not judge; B. Care for the poor; C. Love my neighbor as myself; and D. I’m supposed to go so far as to love my enemies.

Sounds like the greatest human was a bleeding heart liberal to me. Thank you for reading my 18th blog.

Mark Inglis

4 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts

  1. Thank you, for sharing what we oldsters lived as young children.
    Our parents, school teachers and
    Sunday school teachers drilled into
    us ” the golden rule” do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    Love your neighbor as thyself.
    What has happened?


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