What’s the hurry?

I was reminded today as I was passed by multiple motorists on Highway 72 in northeast Alabama that one of the great things about being a Christian is that we never again have to be in a hurry. When we die, we get to go to paradise with our Creator for eternity. We get to go there forever. We get to enjoy enlightened bliss forevermore. We get to stay there for a period of time that will feel longer than a five-year-old waiting for Christmas to arrive. We’ll be there longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

So what can we do with that amazing news? Well, for one thing, we can slow down and enjoy life. When you’re going to live forever does it really matter if you make it through the light before it turns red? If we sleep in from time to time does that get us behind schedule when we are eternal? Does that text have to be answered right now? And then we can also look at our reward as a balancing of expectations. If our life didn’t go exactly as we planned, does it really matter? If we didn’t make as much money as we set out to as fearless 18 year olds does that really affect us in the whole scheme of things? Our 70 to 90 year lives on this planet are like a day in Heaven if I’m understanding things correctly, so what’s the hurry?

Oh, also, I’m going to put off doing the dishes till tomorrow. I’m forever. They can wait. Thank you for reading my 20th blog.

Mark Inglis

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