Heads in the sand

I watched a TED Talks recently about changing behavior for the better, and the speaker said that people are actually more successful changing bad behavior if they are given positive messages and positive reinforcement. Listing the bad consequences of a bad behavior does not motivate people to change as well as positivity. When I first heard this it made sense, but when I really thought about it at length I had a Eureka! moment when it came to the bigger picture.

When I started applying this new info to politics something that had puzzled me for years finally made sense. There’s this certain politician that’s on the news a lot and despite large and varied amounts of evidence showing this person to be immoral, and unqualified, and egotistical, and slow to understand concepts, about half the country really likes and even loves this politician. This politician has made it clear he’s only doing the job to enrich the rich, and could care less about the rest of us, but this person has a following because he makes problems magically disappear with words. “Things will be fine. This will go away on it’s on. We’re turning the corner on this problem. These alleged problems are fake.” And so on and so on. I felt pretty proud of myself for figuring this out, but then I put this same new spotlight on myself and particularly my faith. And I didn’t especially like what I saw.

I was like most everyone else. I am very good at focusing on the positive in life. I thank God for my blessings and nature and health and I anticipate Christmas and enjoy celebrating, but I’m not very good at the other more serious aspects of Christianity. I can’t always be in the happy fun light. Sometimes I have to be willing to be with people who have lost loved ones, and are sick, and lonely, and I really don’t want to do those things, but I know I should. Like the people who like that certain politician I don’t want to have to focus on the negative things that are happening around me. I want to pretend that everything will work itself out with no effort and sacrifice on my part. I want to keep my head in the sand as well. Hopefully we will all see the light and change for the better. Thank you for reading my 23rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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