Found it on Ebay

From time to time I like to look and see if I can find my old books for sale on Ebay. This morning I looked, and there were 2 copies of my first book, Night and Day in Alabama, for sale. One was like new, so it was about 10 bucks, but the other had obviously been read, so it was only about $5. This second one also had a personalized autograph by me to someone named “Amy.” So, sorry it wasn’t a keeper, Amy. But I plan to charge ahead anyway, so here’s another excerpt from that book.

This is from a section where one of the main young characters talks to a Vietnam vet for the first time at length. “Young men like myself who have been sheltered from the realities of our collective past and who are so full of optimism and blind forward thinking for our own futures often don’t even consider the past of others. We fail to realize how surreal this self-absorbed, go-go-go enterprising 90’s society must be to someone like Michael. I felt embarrassed. I barely remembered the movie(Hamburger Hill). I could not imagine what that could do to a man because I only had a Hollywood understanding of it – and a sketchy one at that.”

For those of you who like my blogs, please check out my books on Amazon/Kindle. The books are Night and Day in Alabama and Alone. I believe right now I still have it set up where they are free to read if you have a Kindle. Thank you for reading my 24th blog.

Mark Inglis

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