3rd Covid kid

I’m pretty good at not letting a rapid rise in negative numbers worry me. When I was a kid and cheering for the Atlanta Braves, I didn’t worry about the rapid rise of Dale Murphy strikeouts or Braves losses, and sure enough, after 7 years of cheering for them they finally made it to the World Series (which they lost). And now, I’ve tried to be positive about Covid numbers, and not let them bother me. But at some point we have to acknowledge this crazy rise in cases.

On April 4, things were pretty much all shut down in Alabama. No school, no church, a lot of things were closed. On April 4 there were 35,099 new cases nation wide. Fast forward to now… on November 6, there were 132,797 cases! WHAT?!? And here’s the crazier part… most things are open! So, let me get this straight… things have gotten 4 times worse, but we’re not taking the same precautions we did in the beginning? If there were 4 times more of anything you’d take precautions. 4 times more mosquitos and I’m investing in repellent. 4 times more motorists, and I’m staying home. 4 times more babies and I’m buying the best ear plugs available. But 4 times more Covid and we’ve got more things open than in April? What’s that all about?

Well I think it’s probably the third baby syndrome. New parents are usually very, very careful with their first baby. Everything has to be cleaned and sanitized and accident proof all of the time. But then when number 2 comes along the restrictions are lightened and the fear of accidents diminishes. When number 3 comes along, as long as junior isn’t microwaving the cat or eating nails, everything is good enough. I guess that’s what our country is thinking with Covid. Everything is good enough. If thousands of people have to die so I can go lift weights, then so be it. If Grandma has to die so Jimmy can have in-person classes, then that’s the way it’s got to be. She had a good life. It sounds awful when you say it like that, but that’s basically our stance. I started this blog because I was disappointed in the Christian church closing it’s doors, and I still feel that way about church, but ultimately we have to reign these numbers in through other restrictions and protective measures. If we don’t, I might be writing another one of these in February about our 300,000 case day. Thank you for reading my 28th blog.

Mark Inglis

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