Thank God for Fall

My last blog from three days ago I was talking about being weary from all of the bad news, but on today’s blog I’m going to be completely different and talk about how energized I am by the Fall colors and leaves and wind and cooler temperatures!

I live in Alabama, so we usually only have about 3 or 4 weeks of Fall-like weather, where it’s not too hot, and it hasn’t started getting down close to freezing. I wait for these 3 or 4 weeks all year long! I love the yellows and oranges and reds of the leaves, and I love going up on Monte Sano mountain to be surrounded on all sides by the colors. There’s something really special about walking down a leafy path, rustling along with no immediate signs of civilization other than the path you’re on. I love getting out my warmer clothes, and I love the transition to more soups and chilis and other cold weather food; – I even like raking leaves. My third daughter was born on September 22, so guess what we named her??? You guessed it, we named her “Mira.” Sucker! You thought I was gonna say “Autumn.”

Stupid jokes aside, I really do love the Fall, and I feel for people who don’t have access to these amazing colors. If you’re reading this in a location with limited Fall colors, get in your car and drive! This is the last weekend for the best colors… at least in Alabama. Once all the leaves fall, I’ll transition into my even more favorite time of year – CHRISTMAS! Thank you for reading my 31st blog.

Mark Inglis

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