Northeast Alabama gone!

I was thinking about Covid deaths in the United States recently, and I needed something to compare the deaths to in order to really rap my mind around that big of a number, so I decided to compare it to something local. I added up the populations of Jackson, Dekalb, Etowah, and Cherokee counties in northeast Alabama, and the numbers were about equal. The total deaths from Covid in the U.S. would be like every man, woman, and child from FOUR COUNTIES in north Alabama disappearing. Gone. Vanished. That’s a whole lot of people.

It’s a strange thing how we as humans tend to slide into apathy once we’ve been bombarded with bad news for long enough. And we do it with things other than Covid. predicts 606,000 people will die of cancer this year. The CDC says 655,000 will die of heart disease. We don’t hear about these problems in the news on a daily basis. I’m afraid we’re slip sliding away from Covid in much the same way. And I understand. I’m tired of hearing about it as well. I understand people not wanting to wear masks, and not wanting to talk about Covid, because I don’t either(despite the name of my blog.) But it’s still a really big deal. We can’t let our dislike of the constant updates cause us to throw our hands up in the air and give up the struggle to keep our neighbors and our families safe. We have to continue to care.

Thank you for reading my 34th blog.

Mark Inglis

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