Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I’m just going to list everything I’m thankful for… I’ll start with the serious list and end with the entertaining list. Here goes… I am thankful for…

Salvation, the Trinity, family, a roof over my head, health, children, safety, freedom, food, water, clothing, Christmas, Easter, warmth, comfort, a bed, shoes, chocolate, the Thanksgiving meal, brave doctors and nurses, considerate people, kind people, and Holy people. Amen.

And then I’m also thankful for the A-team, MacGyver, the Golden Girls, Homer Simpson, the “Where’s the beef?” lady, toilet paper and toilets (in that order), that time I finally found a restroom when I was speeding through the Pennsylvania countryside, and the fast car that got me there; I’m thankful for Barney Fife, Barney Gumble, and Barney the Dinosaur (just kidding – I don’t like Barney the Dinosaur); I’m thankful for game 5 of the 1991 World Series, the fact that one glorious day in the future Tom Brady will finally be too old to play football; I’m thankful for fast food, creamy food, and fatty foods; I’m thankful for baggy shirts and a patient wife; I’m thankful for Candyland, Monopoly, and Life; I’m thankful for Perry Mason, and Matlock, and that other great crime show, the Evening News; I’m thankful for Heart, Wang Chung, the Cars, U2, Toto, Mr. Big, and all of the other 80’s bands that put extensive thought into their names; and finally I’m thankful for your reading my 36th blog.

Mark Inglis

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