I’ll go ahead and have a disclaimer at the beginning of this one. I’m going to do a blog that may not be very popular based on my blog name, but I’m doing it for honorable reasons. I disapprove of the general handling of the pandemic by the Christian church.

Many, many Christian churches closed their doors during this awful time, and I’ve always disagreed with that decision. The whole point of being a Christian is being ready and willing to die for Christ. Therefore, the Christian church should have remained open for those that wanted to attend. What are we saying to the world if we’re afraid to worship the God that we claim to owe everything to? How does that make us look? How would a non-believer that was on the fence about faith in God perceive those locked doors? We’re basically saying that Walmart is more important than church. We’ll go to Walmart, because we need to go there, but we can skip worship, because we don’t have to have that.

I know that’s a harsh criticism of an organization that does a lot of good in the world, but I’m starting to see the Christian church as more of a business or social club than a house of worship. I know a local church that took out a 6 figure loan this year to keep the business going. They could have just opened the doors when they were allowed by the state, but they preferred to take out a big loan instead. So when and if they reopen one day, what are people’s tithes going to go to? My guess is to pay off a loan. Sure they’ll stretch it out so that some of the tithe goes to worthy causes, but I’m betting a lot of it will go towards making some bank that much richer.

I walked by that church just this morning, and I heard the sound of a central heating unit running. So they’re paying to heat an empty building that will stay mostly empty??? This church’s staff also cut their hours while keeping their pay the same; the head pastor took a nice vacation to the beach; emails went out about Christmas monetary gifts for the staff; etc. etc. We treat church too much like a business. If we did away with church would the world still get as much charitable help and would the message of Jesus still spread at the same rate? I don’t know. Maybe we have to protect this whole system that I’m complaining about, but my objection still stands. Church should be open. We know how to protect ourselves better, and if you’re high risk, you can still watch the services on your device. But there should be services… and especially as we approach Christmas. Thank you for reading my 37th blog.

Mark Inglis

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