What did you call me?

I’ve been living in a cave for several years. I came out the other day and noticed people have gotten really overly sensitive about things. Politics, beliefs, skin color, holiday shopping, sports, glutens – whatever that is. I started to begin looking down on my world for all the unnecessary ill will, but then I was reminded of a time when I too (believe it or not) became instantly angry about something I shouldn’t have been. It was about 16 or 17 years ago.

I went to the post office one morning at Christmas time and I got the closest possible non-handicapped spot. Another guy got there a split second behind me, and angry about my choice of spot, called me an “A-hole.” I saw the word come out of his mouth, and being a younger, more competitive fellow, was instantly angry about that. So I walked up to his car door and said, “What did you say?”

Now it should be noted that I made sure the guy was smaller than me. If he had been a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons I would not have questioned him, but since I had a size advantage, when he failed to respond with anything other than fear in his eyes, I asked again in a more serious tone …”What did you call me?”

Well, this time I got the response I was secretly hoping for. He freaked out and started frantically yelling, “You get away! Get away from me! Just go away!” So I smiled and walked away and sarcastically said, “Okay. Merry Christmas.”

In hindsight, I see how dumb this little exchange was on a number of levels. First of all, why should I care what a total stranger thinks of me? If I argue with everyone that disrespects me in some little way, I wouldn’t have time for much else.

Secondly, what kind of response was that from Christian me?? I’m not supposed to return evil for evil. I’m supposed to take the high road and forgive that insult as fast as it was given. But I didn’t.

And thirdly, that guy was small, but what if he’d had a gun and an itchy trigger finger? How pathetic that would have been to get shot all so I could “one up” some stranger with a short temper. I know many of the “overly sensitive” people that I began this blog with would say, I had to do it, because I was defending my honor. I can’t let people start getting away with stuff, or they’ll try to get away with more and more, but I don’t think that’s a logical argument here. I don’t think I ever saw the man again, but if I had, I would have gone up to him and said in a loud, clear voice… “Sorry for being an “A-hole.” Thank you for reading my 40th blog.

Mark Inglis

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