Nothing new

As it says in Ecclesiastes, “there is nothing new under the sun.” This is my 42nd blog, and everything I’ve ever written in these blogs has been said before – somewhere. None of what I said was a completely original thought, originating with me. Some of what I said was in fact original to my brain in the sense that I had never heard someone else say it, but just because I haven’t heard or read the thought before does not mean it’s not out there in the world buried in the pages of a hundred books. So why write at all? What’s the point if I can’t create something brand new?

The point is that we as human beings have a very short memory. We have trouble holding on to the most critical and most spiritual information in a way that stays with us, and prepares us for each new day. We wake up in the mornings hungry and thirsty and ready to do A., B., and C. on our list for the day, but all of the noble and deep thoughts from our past are not usually present in our early morning brains. We need reminding… like every day. It’s not that we have completely forgotten our greatest inspirations, but a night of sleep has pushed them into the background and we need specific words to spark those more soulful thoughts. I wish I could remember every Christ-like inspiration I’ve ever had in the split second that I need it in a new situation, but often times I need new words and phrases formed in a clever way to kick start my soul. We need writers and we need writing. So keep up the good work, and make sure that the writing you do is elevated to the level of Good. As the world gets more hurried and gets more scary, we need enlightened people who can turn a meaningful phrase to keep us grounded and solid. Thank you for reading my 42nd blog.

Mark Inglis

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