I have to watch it!

So my family and I watched “Home Alone” again yesterday. I believe it was our 784th time seeing it, but there’s just no getting around it… I have to watch it every Christmas! I would feel like a major part of Christmas was missing if I didn’t watch it. I would probably shrivel up and turn into an elderly person if I didn’t watch it. I would probably have time to do something useful if I didn’t watch it!!

I get that the plot is ridiculous, and there’s tons of improbable things happening, but I prefer to focus on a strategy called “Suspension of disbelief.” I prefer to suspend my disbelief and forget about the fact that an entire rich neighborhood is empty at Xmas time and 2 bumbling burglars are able to break into multiple houses without getting caught. I like to suspend my disbelief about how a little kid can put together an entire house full of complex traps in a short period of time. I don’t like to think about a mother who doesn’t check on her kids on the plane or an old neighbor who sends a little kid back to an empty house at the end of a movie, and I sure don’t like to think about a lady choosing to get into the back of a moving van with a bunch of strange men driving from state to state. I suspend my disbelief and try to have the wonderment of a child… I focus on the church scene, and the music, and John Candy.

Suspension of disbelief is great for entertainment. We just have to make sure we don’t treat every day life in the same manner. I would love to just ignore facts and see the world only in the way I want to see it, but I have a responsibility as a Christian to face the facts most times. I hope and pray that in 2021, those difficult-to-face facts are not as numerous and hard hitting. Thank you for reading my 44th blog.

Mark Inglis

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