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It has come to my attention that there is something in this world called a “billionaire”. I didn’t even know this was possible, but apparently some people out there have over a billion dollars! Not a million or ten million or 100 million, but a BILLION! So, of course I’m being silly… I know there are billionaires out there, but I think we have been too willing as a people to accept that outrageous fact. We should be shocked and angered in much the same way that I was pretending to be. There is no reason that a single human being should ever NEED over a billion dollars. And we have over 600 in this country!

Why doesn’t the government take the excess? Forbes reported that the richest 400 people in this country are worth 3.2 TRILLION DOLLARS! I’m no mathematician, but I believe we could leave each one of them with a billion and seize the rest thereby enriching the people by a grand total of several gazillion mamillion catillion dollars. Think of all the good we could do… social programs, enough PPE, enough vaccine, a raise for all the doctors and nurses, maybe pay back some of our horrendous national debt … there’s all kinds of great things we could do with that money. And each one of the billionaires would still have a billion dollars! Just think about it. Why are we protecting the top thousandth of a percent when it could help the vast majority so much more? Thank you for reading my 45th blog.

Mark Inglis

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