100 years ago

In my last blog I joked about “if we ever get that stimulus check”, and then it was finally approved, so today I’m going to joke about that 50 million dollars I want. Just kidding. I was really thinking about how things tend to look up or appear more promising and optimistic at Christmastime, and then I thought about how despite the rise in Covid cases, that we still have it better than people had it 100 years ago.

In a blog by Family Search, I learned that life expectancy was 24 years less in 1920; the Spanish Flu was wrapping up after it had infected 27% of the world and killed at least 50 million; there was no alcohol to combat the stress with, and if you did want to partake in spirits you would have to deal with the beginnings of organized crime. For entertainment there was only silent movies and radio. Can you imagine seeing an action flick of today and have to read “Bam” and “Roar” and “Kaboom” for the best action scenes? And can you imagine having to sit together around a box AS A FAMILY and listen to a program… like altogether… in the SAME ROOM???

Oh wait. I have teenagers. On second thought, maybe I’ll joke about the time machine I want.

Thanks for reading my 48th blog.

Mark Inglis

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