Too cold for Jesus

One of the very unfortunate outcomes of the corona virus is that I decided to stop attending the church that my family was a part of for almost four years. I disagreed with the leadership’s stance on gatherings. They decided to end almost all group worship, whereas I believed with proper social distancing and mask wearing we could have still met. I decided to give them another chance on Christmas Eve, because I heard they were having an outdoor service in the parking lot. I love the Christmas Eve services for all the singing and beautiful music and Silent Night at the end, so I very much looked forward to being back there.

Unfortunately, when we arrived for the service, we found no cars and a completely empty parking lot. Apparently, they had cancelled two days earlier via email, and the email had gone to our junk mail, but they failed to take news of the service off the website. Do you know what their reason for cancellation was? An upsurge in Covid cases? No. They cancelled because the forecast was calling for cold weather!! COLD WEATHER!?! So now we’re abandoning God at Christmas because of cold weather?!? Not only are we fleeing from our Faith for fear of sickness, but now we’re running away because we don’t want to be cold and uncomfortable for a matter of minutes??

Ultimately, we just drove down the street and found an open church (Valley Presbyterian) and went there and it was a great service where everyone was wearing masks and seats were spaced far apart. It was perfectly safe and the only thing that was slightly distracting about the service was my own disgust in the back of my mind at my previous church. It’s a shame I was like that at all on Christmas Eve. I wonder what that previous church is going to do when Covid-21 arrives? Thank you for reading my 50th blog.

Mark Inglis

One thought on “Too cold for Jesus

  1. We organized a drive-through Nativity in my neighborhood, and I got assigned to stand at the inn with my wife, who was Mary. It was so cold that night that a space heater blowing right on us, about 10 layers of clothing, and chemical hand warmers in my shoes were not enough to keep me warm! But I was warm in my heart. šŸ™‚


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