Super nurses

On Sunday afternoon I went to a memorial chapel for someone that died right before Christmas. I’ve always felt uncomfortable dealing with death and the loved ones left behind, and especially at Christmastime. I felt awkward and nervous and I’m ashamed to say that I was so relieved once I was out of there. But from there my mind went to, “What if I had to deal with death all the time… like a Covid nurse?”

Well, the answer is that I could not and would not deal with death all the time. Those people who do that are super humans. Can you imagine going in to a job every day where you know you’re going to see people die… every day. And not only is someone going to die in front of you, but you have to watch a slow agonizing death and watch them struggle for air. You have to wear a cumbersome outfit and be on your feet all day and deal with bodily fluids, and Oh my God… there’s no way I could do it. I wouldn’t do it for a million dollars. But these brave super nurses do it for much less, and they come back every day.

Thank you God for super nurses. I hope in 2021 we’ll finally get it through our heads that all we have to do is be 10 feet away from the people around us and wear a mask when in doors. It’s so simple. Thank you for reading my 51st blog.

Mark Inglis

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