2020 is over…Hooray!

This year, we decided not to do a Christmas card. Instead we sent out a New Year’s Eve card that said “2020 is over, Hooray!” We’re so glad this year is over, but I kind of hate to start the new year with such a bad opinion of the last, so this morning I googled, “Good things that…” and sure enough, “Good things that happened in 2020” was automatically filled in, so I guess I’m not the only one searching for positivity. The first site that I saw was Huffpost.com.

Huffpost listed several obvious ones, but some that I had missed included items such as, (1) Congo discharged its last Ebola patient in 2020

(2) Trained dogs in South Africa (along with their human handlers) saved 45 rhinos from poachers in 2020

(3) Animal shelters saw a record drop in animals thanks to people adopting to get through this year (and we did the same with a puppy named “Cindy Lou”)

(4) WHO reported that polio was eradicated from Africa

(5) 2020 saw the largest decline in carbon emissions on record

(6) And killer clowns from outer space did not invade in 2020 – okay, I made this one up – there are killer clowns and they live under your house.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thank you for reading my 52nd blog.

Mark Inglis

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