Happy New Year everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about one of my New Year’s goals, and that is to write 3 blogs a week every week for the entire year. 156 blogs! 156 blogs sounds like a big task, but luckily I’ve been blessed with a great education and lots of weird experiences from my past. So, some of the topics I may or may not discuss this year include…

  1. Favorite verses from the Bible
  2. Practical Christianity
  3. William James and the Will to Believe
  4. various Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and passages
  5. stories from my wife’s home daycare
  6. that time a college prank went wrong and I had a gun pointed at me
  7. that time a naked guy ran through the church service(not a joke – this actually happened)
  8. will our puppy ever stop using our floors as a toilet?
  9. Hey Jesus… wouldn’t 2021 be a great year to return?
  10. more passages from my published books
  11. Cash giveaways!
  12. What address I want you to send the cash to…
  13. the difficulty of making 156 blogs entertaining
  14. okay, maybe I’ll skip a week
  15. And finally, Why Napoleon Dynamite might be the best movie of all time.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my 53rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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