Here’s the vaccine… Good luck.

There’s been a lot of excitement about the roll out of the new vaccine, and there’s been some big numbers thrown out in the planning stages. Unfortunately, the people in charge of the planning stages were very inaccurate with their estimations. We were supposed to have 20 million people already vaccinated in the U. S. by January 1st, and according to CNBC, the number was closer to 2.8 million. And now, that’s still an accomplishment, but when you go into a situation where you’re expecting 20 of something (anything) and you only get 2.8, that’s very disappointing.

If you buy a bag of chocolates that advertises 20 pieces, and there’s only 2.8, you’re going to think, “How did my wife get to this bag and then reseal it?” If your child comes home with a 14 on their test, you don’t usually say “Good job, son.” And when your goal for the new year is to lose 20 pounds in the first quarter of the year and you only lose 2.8, your wife says to you, “who’s eating all the chocolate now bucko?!?”

I think the problem is a failure of federal leadership. They worked so hard and so fast to get it out in record time, and then just turned over to the states and said, “Good luck. Get to work. We need a nap.” You wouldn’t do that with anything else. You wouldn’t spend 2 hours on a meal and then have your 6-year-old take it to the table and distribute it. You wouldn’t buy your teenage daughter a new car and say, “Learn how to drive this on your own…Oh, also, I haven’t insured it yet, so be careful.” We need leadership from the top down to stay with the process until it’s completed. Look at it in Christian terms. When Jesus taught us how to pray, He didn’t say, “Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name… And then you guys fill in the rest how you think is best. I got you started.”

Thank you for reading my 54th blog.

Mark Inglis

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