The United States of Violence

In most of the reports I’m hearing about the violence at the Capitol, the reporters seem to be conveying shock and surprise, like “I can’t believe this happened!” But to that I say, “I can’t believe it doesn’t happen more often.” Here’s a short list… UFC, football, hockey, Halloween, Friday the 13th, the Purge, the Punisher, politicians encouraging fake conspiracies, Cobra Kai, baseball brawls, Marvel movies, DC movies, Meth, boxing, wrestling, talk shows hosted by angry idiots, etc. etc. etc. And then you mix all of this backdrop with the fact that Americans own over 390 MILLION GUNS!!! So who saw the violence at the Capitol coming? Everyone. Everyone and anyone who takes the time to consider our country’s preoccupations should have been able to predict the violence. We all should have seen it coming.

So am I advocating getting rid of the things on my list? Nope. I enjoy partaking in most of the things on my list. I’m simply pointing out that in a county of all that stylized violence, we shouldn’t be surprised when actual violence spills over unexpectedly into our every day.

Thank you for reading my 60th blog.

Mark Inglis

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