2nd Christian tattoo

Early on in my blogs I talked about my first and third Christian tattoos, but I skipped over the second. I did not skip it for any particular reason, and the fact that I skipped it at all is not a purposeful omission on my part, but rather it is further evidence that my mind wanders all over the place. But now it’s back on my mind and I’m here to explain why I got it.

I got it at a transitional point in my life. I had gotten it in my head to quit my job, move to the beach, and write a best selling novel. Well, I did parts A. and B. of that plan, but no one was really interested in my novel. It was too short, and under-developed, and it was written at the same time I was enjoying the beach and courting my future wife, so had I not ended up with my beautiful wife, the entire plan would have been a disaster. But the other thing I did during this time was get my 2nd Christian tattoo, (which I designed myself.) It’s the Ichthys “Jesus fish” made out of thorns, and to me this meant Peace through pain. Jesus died a horrible death so that one day we would have Eternal Peace.

So it’s a horizon-minded tattoo, but it’s also one that comes in handy in the meantime… especially with times like the Covid-age. Hundreds of thousands of people will have to go through physical and emotional pain before things get better, so we need reminders almost daily that Good will win out in the end. I got my reminder tattooed on my heart, so that there would be no forgetting. Thank you for reading my 63rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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