How Absurd

Like many people, I’ve recently seen the viral video of the grocery store in Naples Florida where almost no one was wearing a mask in the crowded store. This is at a point where 27,000 Floridians have died from Covid. So I was thrilled to see the store owner interviewed on the NBC Nightly News on Feb. 4th. Here’s what he said word for word…

“You can see how absurd that it is that anyone is wearing a mask and how absurd that we have any shutdown in the country. It’s the most absurd thing ever.”

And then the interviewer asked why it was absurd when we see hospitals “teeming” with Covid-19 patients, to which the owner replied…

“You see that on the news…but…how many people do you know that have died of strictly only Covid…”

Wow. Where do I begin with that? Well, first of all, NBC started with a CDC stat that 92% of the people who have died, died because Covid was the “underlying cause.” They weren’t hit by a truck and also had Covid. They weren’t mauled by a mountain lion and also had Covid. They didn’t fall off a cliff and also had Covid. Covid killed them. Yes, many of them were elderly or sickly or obese, but ultimately Covid caused them to die.

Secondly, I keep seeing this appeal to first hand knowledge. How many people do YOU know that have died from strictly Covid. Well, none. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a thing. I’ve never seen Europe before first hand, but I believe it’s really there because I’ve seen lots of reports of it’s existence and I’ve studied it in school for many years. I’ve also never met Lebron James, but I’m pretty sure he’s a real thing, because I keep seeing highlights from his long career.

We keep seeing reports of Covid deaths on MULTIPLE OUTLETS because it’s a real thing!!! I guess what really scares me about this report is that this guy seemed to be pretty wealthy, and could make an argument without drooling or banging a pot against his head. If that fellow could be so wrong, what chance does suspicious average Joe have of finally believing the truth? I swear it’s real Joe. Europe is there. The sky is blue. Covid kills.

Thank you for reading my 68th blog.

Mark Inglis

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