It used to be a virtue

I was shocked and amazed the other day about the news of the 133 car pileup in Fort Worth. I just don’t understand how that many cars could be involved…. how that many drivers were going that fast in hazardous conditions. I’ve never understood the need to get to your destination as fast as you possibly can, even if it means possibly hurting yourself and others. Our own van was totaled a few years ago by a young lady who thought it was more important to see her text right away than it was to see the traffic light that had already turned red. And I guess that’s the root cause of all the hurry. It’s technology. Technology is so freakin’ fast these days, that we all subconsciously expect everything else to go fast as well.

Whatever happened to the fun of anticipating the arrival of something? Whatever happened to patience? When I was a kid it would sometimes take 6 weeks to get something you ordered. Recently I mailed a package from Alabama to California and it was delivered in TWO DAYS! I like getting stuff fast as well, but there’s definitely a price to pay. It was no surprise to me that a FedEx truck was involved in the Fort Worth accident. I’m always hearing about FedEx accidents, and I’ve almost been involved in a couple. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, from 2015 to 2017 FedEx was involved in 1762 accidents, with 41 deaths. UPS during that same time frame was involved in 2003 accidents with 49 deaths. Yikes!

Competition and Deadlines. Deadlines and Competition. But at what cost? I guess patience is no longer a virtue. I guess patience is the past. Thank you for reading my 69th blog… sorry if I sounded like a grumpy old man!

Mark Inglis

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