Best Friend

Today, my blog is just a thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and wife of almost 20 years, Susan Inglis. I remember being really sad and lonely one day towards the end of my college career, and I prayed right in the middle of my kitchen for God to send someone to love me and someone that I could love. It took almost 2 years for me to find her after that prayer, but I found her, and it did not take long for either of us to realize that we had “found the one.” We were engaged about 4 months after our first date, and married before we had known each other for a full year.

I am most blessed to wake up with Susan every morning. And somehow, she’s getting better with age. She has limitless energy. She’s run marathons and half marathons and countless other races; she endures a room full of screaming kids with loaded diapers at her home daycare 5 days a week; and she still finds the energy to take care of 3 daughters, a needy puppy, and a whiny husband. (Not whiny all the time). I’m not the most romantic fellow most times, but I do really, really appreciate and love my best friend. I think if everyone had someone that special, all the other problems in our world would just melt away. Thank you for reading my 70th blog.

Mark Inglis

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