15 degrees at noon…in Alabama!

Yesterday, like much of the country, we had a massive ice, snow, and cold front move through that was so powerful it was still only 15 degrees today at noon… in Alabama! According to one of the local weathermen, that’s the lowest we’ve been in over 3 years, and just the fact that we woke up to snow on the ground this morning was something of a rarity. I remember some years where we had no snow on the ground all year. So, I guess I’m partly complaining about my cold bones, but I’m also partly celebrating the unusual and beautiful weather. Our puppy certainly loved her first snow! And ultimately, it was also a very nice break from Covid news and politics.

I’m very optimistic that Covid numbers are going down and so many people are getting vaccinated, and I’m also very happy that certain aspects of our political world are hopefully calming down and fading away into the backdrop as others of us look to the future. A big ice and snow event makes for a nice environmental partition between the recent fears and uncertainties that have plagued our country for some time, and the new hope and optimism for better days ahead. And guess what… we have more winter weather forecast for tommorrow… in Alabama! Thanks for reading my 71st blog.

Mark Inglis

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