Snake handling

I watched a documentary yesterday about a snake handling preacher that tried to kill his wife by forcing her to get bitten by a rattlesnake. This was thoroughly entertaining to me because this story happened in my hometown of Scottsboro, Alabama when I was 16. As a 16-year-old obsessed with girls and basketball I didn’t pay very close attention to the story at the time, so watching the documentary yesterday was very interesting(there was even a crucial part of the story that happened on a February 21st in the past – – – the very day I was watching it in 2021). It got me thinking, though, “Why would someone purposefully handle snakes to prove their faith in God?”, and “Is there anything that I should be regularly doing to prove my faith in God to the world?”

As to my first question of “Why”, I would assume it would only be a way of showing off to your peers and neighbors. Getting up in front of the group and saying “I believe in Jesus and would die for his sake if necessary” would do just as much and be just as meaningful as doing a weird dance and holding a snake. If you’re going to go that route, why not just wrestle a bear to prove your love for God? It does make me wonder if I should be doing something dynamic to show the world I’m a faithful Christian. I guess this blog helps, but not many people read this yet. I don’t have any crazy, impressive skills or talents to get me noticed as a faithful follower. Am I doing enough as an average guy? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll work on it. Maybe I’ll learn how to juggle scorpions or be a shark dentist. That’ll show the world! Thank you for reading my 73rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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