Tom Brady is how much better??

As I have said in the past, over the years I have bought and sold thousands and thousands of sports cards as part of my income. 95% of the cards out there in the world are practically worthless, but that other 5% can contain some real treasure. After the year Tom Brady had recently, his cards and especially his rookie cards, are planted firmly at the top of the 5%. So I did some research on Ebay to find out just how much more valuable Tom Brady is than other similar cards. I compared 3 of his rookie cards that were all professionally graded “Gem Mint” with 3 other rookie cards from the same year with the same “Gem Mint” grade, and the contrasts were ridiculous!

A “Bowman Chrome” Brady rookie sold for $35,000, where as a Mike Anderson sold for $13.

An “SPX” Brady rookie sold for $55,000, where as a Dante Hall sold for $41.

And an “Sp Authentic” Brady sold for $53,000, where as a Plaxico Burress sold for $40.

So, I’ve always heard the expression “He’s twice the man you are,” but apparently with Tom Brady he is 1325 times the man Plaxico is, 1341 times the man Dante is, and 2692 times the man Mike Anderson is!

Thank God our Creator does not value people in the same way that we evaluate people. In God’s eyes we are all equal, and I wish it worked more like that in our world. I would hate to have to compete for God’s attention with rich celebrities and world class athletes and even better Christians. I like that in God’s eyes Tom Brady and I are on the same “playing field.” Thanks for reading my 74th blog.

Mark Inglis

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