First mow

I mowed our front yard for the first time this year yesterday. It didn’t really need it yet, but I wanted to jump start the feeling of Spring, so I went ahead and mowed the little bit of purple flowers and onion grass that was popping up. It felt really good. I’m like that about the “first” of a season. First mow in Spring. First swim in summer. First raking in the Fall. First hope for snow in winter. It’s really nice to simplify your brain from the constant stream of information on our devices and “veg” out in the yard. Speaking of “vegging” out in the yard, I’m also going to try a little garden this year. I must be getting old or something, because the simpler things that I would not have gravitated to so much in my younger days are looking way more appealing. At any rate, somebody remind me how excited I was about the first mow when I’m on mow number 15 in the summer and I’m sweating buckets!

Thanks for reading my 78th blog.

Mark Inglis

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