That’s impossible. Use your brain.

On Wednesday of this week one of the most amazing athletes and greatest father’s of all time died. Dick Hoyt of “Team Hoyt” died at the age of 80. If you don’t know this name, look it up, because it’s a name you need to know if you want to understand overcoming the impossible.

I first heard about Dick Hoyt from my wife, who heard a story about him and his son doing an Ironman Triathlon together, and he had to pull, carry, or push him all the way, because his son had cerebral palsy. And so me, being an expert in all things possible or impossible, I said something like “That’s impossible. Use your brain. An Ironman Triathlon is hard enough to do by yourself. You can’t possibly do it with a handicapped son.” Boy was I wrong.

I looked them up and sure enough, they were for real. And the more I read and watched about their love and team work, the more I was inspired to hold back on my snap judgments about what is possible and what is impossible. Dick wasn’t even a runner in the beginning, but he trained his body to do what his son loved. If Wikipedia is correct, they ended up doing 72 marathons and 6 Ironman Triathlons together. I’ve done 3 marathons and no Ironmans and I don’t have to push anybody. Talk about a father’s love overcoming the impossible. Thank you God for Dick Hoyt, and thank you for reading my 84th blog.

Mark Inglis

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