Dangerous groceries

What a world we live in, this crazy “United” States of ours! Who expects to get gunned down at the grocery store?!? Well, in America I guess everyone should, because guess what? In America there are more guns than people! We have had over 1300 people killed in mass shootings since Columbine, and some people still don’t think we need gun reform. What’s it going to take? Do we have to have a mass shooting every day??

I guess the thing that disgusts me most about gun nuts, is that many of them claim to be Christians as well. They see freedom of religion and right to bear arms as being conjoined for some reason, and I just don’t get that. Wasn’t our Savior’s big thing peace and love and faith in God? We don’t need ANY guns if we’re focusing on those things.

Several months ago I helped an elderly neighbor with a chore. I met this nice man and his wife at the First Baptist Church. He sang in the choir. He volunteered around the church. He helped us out financially on more than one occasion. Just a great all around guy. Guess what the chore was? He needed help moving his 500 pound gun safe into his house! Why does this great man need SO MANY GUNS that it necessitates a GUN SAFE (which is a really nice oxymoron by the way).

I really think we should make ALL gun and ammunition production illegal effective in January of 2022. That way the gun manufacturers would have time to do something else, and all the gun nuts would have time to buy as many more as they want. That would be fair, and then we would be able to see an eventual end to insane people shooting up grocery stores on the horizon. So, … now all I have to do is become King of the United States and I can put that policy into effect. Thank you for reading my 85th blog.

Mark Inglis

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