The best television show ever!

Today I thought I would take a break from serious topics and talk about what I believe is the best TV show of all time. So what are you thinking? Seinfeld? Friends? E.R.? The Simpsons? Maybe a long lasting talk show or soap opera? Nope. In my opinion it was a show that started 15 years before I was born…

The Andy Griffith Show!

The Andy Griffith Show is the only show (in my opinion) that has all 3 of the things that make for great TV entertainment. Number 1 – It’s actually funny. Number 2 – It has unique characters that over time you grow to care about and imagine that you know. And Number 3 – It’s wholesome. Lots of shows have had 2 of the 3 things I listed, but I think “Ange” is the only one that had all three.

This show had the great “Barney Fife” – possibly the funniest character ever created; it had “Otis” the lovable drunk; the uptight and constantly moving “Aunt Bea”; the chance to see a future great director grow up in little “Opie”/Ron Howard; a gaggle of other funny side characters with the “Darlings” and “Ernest T. Bass” etc; it had the many many life lessons involving Opie and Andy or Andy and Barney; and then it was a chance to see a show with the highest “crime rate” per capita in the world! (Thieves and con men were always showing up in Mayberry)

So if you’ve never watched it because you thought it looked too hokey, give it another chance – especially the early black and white episodes that featured Don Knotts. Oh, and the other thing about this show is all of the famous people that made cameos – from Denver Pyle and Bill Bixby and Barbara Eden early on to people like Jack Nicholson in the later seasons – it’s worth a look if you haven’t tried it. It’s nice to get away to a fictional town where there’s no such thing as violence and Covid-19 and corruption and pollution and you know what, I’d better stop while I’m ahead….Thanks for reading my 91st blog.

Mark Inglis

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