I’m too judgmental!

I was reminded by my wife recently that I am too judgmental, and she’s right! I’ve tried to ingrain it in my brain not to do that, but it comes so naturally in this world. We’re surrounded by people that are praised and enriched by judging; from talent shows to singing shows to talk show monologues to court room shows to comments on all of the thousands of personal videos out there, it’s just everywhere!

Even with all the judging that our world does, you’d think it would be easy for someone who calls himself “coronachristian13” to remember “Judge not lest ye be judged,” but it’s my first instinct to start judging someone the first time I lay eyes on them or hear about some action they did when I don’t even know all of the details. The other day I caught myself being HAPPY that Tiger Woods was severely injured in his car wreck when I found out that speed was the cause. I was like, “That’s what you get and that’s what you deserve for speeding you dummy!” But that’s not how a Christian should react! Good grief!

Ultimately, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve got to remind myself to hold back until I’ve got all the facts. There are still going to be times to make snap judgments. If a young man comes to pick up one of my daughters for a date and he’s got “Psycho Killer” tattooed somewhere on his person, he’s not taking her anywhere! But 9 times out of 10, I need to wait until I have all of the facts and err on the side of caution and the side of giving someone or some group a chance. Thank you for reading my 93rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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