I’ll start out by saying I know this is old news, and I should have complained about it years ago, but it still drives me nuts! When did we all get too busy to use full words and phrases, and by using abbreviations all the time is it really saving us any time? When I first heard POTUS and SCOTUS, I thought some horrible foot fungus was on the loose, and I guess in hindsight I wasn’t that far off, but I digress. President of the United States sounds way more important and crucial to our way of life than “POTUS.”

I just don’t get it. Sometimes it makes me LOL. OH CRAP! Now I’m doing it. I feel dizzy. Maybe I should take some time off. Maybe I can find a nice B&B and go AWOL for some nice R&R – maybe have some KFC and listen to REM and U2. They’re some of my favs. You guys can come too, but you’ve got to RSVP and BYOB. This world is cray cray, so don’t just CUOTCWBC! Thanks for reading my silly blog.

Mark Inglis

P.S. I just coined CUOTCWBC which means “Come unannounced or the cops will be called.” You can use it, but you’ll have to pay me a royalty.

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