Return of the Covid Cutie

As I have talked about from time to time, my wife runs a home daycare, and unfortunately, part of the job is having to let little ones grow up and leave the daycare. They can’t stay four forever. But last year we lost one of our favorites due to Covid-19. Her parents wanted to be extra careful, so they took her out, and as far as I was concerned I was never going to see her again. And that was sad, because she was so cute and so sweet.

But my wife stayed in touch and made it clear that she was welcome back any time she had an opening.

So, you guessed it, almost a year after she left, my wife had an opening, and her parents were feeling more confident about letting her back out into the world, so she’s back! Last year was a tough one in lots of ways, but to have her back alleviates at least some of those bad memories. It’s almost like an award for making it through. And she’s just the same! She’s just slightly taller, with longer hair, and more vocabulary. And she’s picked up this crazy cute habit of clapping her hands at the end of a hand washing to “get the rest of the water off.”

I guess my point is to encourage you to try and reconnect with someone that you haven’t spoken to or seen in over a year. It’s such a great feeling to have an old friend back in your life and it would most likely help them out as well. Thank you for reading my 97th blog.

Mark Inglis

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