Hidden Treasure

When I was a kid, one of the local radio stations in my hometown had a contest with a prize of $1000 (I think – I was a kid and have slept a few times since then, so some of the details of my story might be inaccurate). I think the contest was to find a pumpkin hidden somewhere in town. And it wasn’t necessarily a literal pumpkin, it could be the image of a pumpkin. The radio station would give out very vague clues every now and then and sometimes I would see small gatherings of people searching around some public place looking for the pumpkin. It was fun to watch, even as a kid, but I didn’t really actively look for it. I didn’t pay attention to the clues. I wish I had.

As it turns out, the pumpkin was a pumpkin magnet, and it was placed on the back of a street sign right where my bus stopped each day after school! I walked past $1000 at least a dozen times or more and was clueless!

My point in telling this story is that I was comparing this memory to Salvation recently. Salvation is sort of hidden away, although it’s a lot easier to find than a pumpkin magnet. The clues are more obvious, and numerous, but we still have to actively search for it in the sense that God won’t just jump down off a street sign and hand it to us. So many people ignore the multitude of signs that God is real, and that blows my mind. I guess they’re too busy going from point A to point B to think about the really important point. Just like little me rushing home from school, they’re ignoring the clues and missing the Treasure. Thank you for reading my 98th blog.

Mark Inglis

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