The F-bomb sermon

Most times I try not to swear. There are better ways of expressing your feelings and swearing just adds to your angry mood. I try to reserve my swears for times where I hit my thumb with a hammer or someone swerves into my lane when I’m driving or something similar like that. I try not to make a face or show any kind of disgust when people swear around me, but I know that there are Christians that do not accept it at all. They’re offended by it even. But there are rare times it’s okay when you’re making a point.

I once heard a sermon from a visiting pastor who told a story about a time he was listening to another preacher who swore in the middle of a sermon for emphasis. The pastor was preaching with passion about how many children were dying needlessly in Africa due to war and famine, giving exact numbers on deaths in different regions, and then at some point he said something like… “and nobody seems to give a F%#K!” He then went on speaking for a few minutes more, ignoring the angry and shocked faces from many of the people in the pews, but then he summed up with quite a sting. He said,”but here’s the really sad part about my sermon. More of you will leave here outraged that I said ‘F%#K’ than will leave here outraged about the number of children dying.” And I bet he was right. So, there’s no need for foul language most times, but sometimes it’s necessary to get someone’s attention. Thank you for reading my 99th blog.

Mark Inglis

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