100 blogs!

Today I’m doing my 100th blog! I believe I started back in August, so I’m chugging along at a pretty good pace. I know I have a lot of work to do, however. I haven’t done much with my site except for the blogs and a couple of pictures. I keep putting off more work, because despite enjoying the writing, I really don’t know much about making my site more complete and interesting. I’m sort of an idiot savant I guess – minus the savant.

I do want to thank everyone that has checked out my blogs. I now have 130 followers and my site has been visited over 1300 times. I’ve written serious blogs about the coronavirus and religion and I’ve done silly ones about our puppy and baseball cards. I look forward to doing a hundred more. Thank you for your time, and thank you to Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Mike Trout, Tiger Woods, Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, and Taylor Swift (now I can tag all of those names and get more views!) HAH!

Mark Inglis

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