Yard Sale!

The Southerner in me just loves yard sales, and I didn’t get to have one last year, so now that things are getting better, I’m going to have a yard sale tomorrow! My lovely wife is making me be careful, though. Even though it’s an outdoor “affair”, I’m going to set up a table with an “Honor Box” for payment. That way I won’t have to be close to any strangers. It will have change in there, and I’ll update it regularly, so I’m excited to see the outcome. Will it work, or will some 200 pound woman named Bertha say, “Hey, ya’ll! These idiots left us free money!”

I’m not sure why I like yard sales so much. I guess part of it is clearing up space (so that I can buy more junk I don’t need in the future – possibly from some other yard sale), and then part of it is just people watching. I’m always entertained when you offer something for 2 bucks that originally cost way more than that and someone picks it up knowing that the price is a fantastic bargain and asks “Will you take a dollar?” Or when you see the people that drive by slowly and look at your sale without stopping. What if I had had a gold coin in a tiny little box for a quarter?!? You gotta stop! Ultimately, I think having a yard sale will give me a real, tangible sort of feeling that Covid-19 is getting more and more under control. I see the numbers are improving on the news, but until I see Bertha for myself in her flip flops and Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt, it’s not going to be as real. Thank you for reading my 101st blog.

Mark Inglis

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