No one ever dreamed?

Today I would like to write about the stampede in Israel on Thursday night, and how it boggles my mind. At least 45 people were trampled to death at this religious ceremony. 45 people trampled to death.

First of all, how do you have SO MANY people at an event that it is possible for 45 people to be trampled to death, and then secondly, how does that happen at a RELIGIOUS CEREMONY?!? The New York Times story I read this morning said that there were an estimated 100,000 people at this thing, and the trampling happened at 1 A.M.! So what are people doing out an event at 1 A.M. – especially with children present? Do they sleep during the day in Israel and that’s just a fact that has escaped me? And why are that many people gathered together? Are they trying to have a resurgence of Covid? I just don’t get it. And then the other thing that struck me about the New York Times article is that they had a quote from a spokesman for the rescue service who said “No one ever dreamed something like this could happen.” REALLY?

100,000 people hanging out in close quarters at 1 A.M and “no one dreamed” it was possible for a stampede? And the article went on to say that the state comptroller published a report as early as 2008, that yes, this sort of thing was very possible. I have gone on record in my early blogs that I think religious ceremonies should not have stopped because of Covid… as long as people were careful and made it limited seating, I believed the Christian Church should have remained open, but with this story it was like they went completely in the opposite direction at a sprint. Nothing good can come of any group of 100,000 people congregating at 1 A.M. EVER! I guess they’ve decided to replace social distancing with social sardining. What a world. Thank you for reading my 102nd blog.

Mark Inglis

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