The power of MJ

Today I thought I would do another sports cards blog to further examine how crazy this world of ours really is. Today I want to talk about a time that little 12-year-old me made a poor decision with his allowance. In 1987, and I remember this well, I was standing in a Woolworth’s Department store with enough money to buy either a box of 1987 Topps baseball cards or 1986-87 Fleer basketball cards. They were priced the same, I believe in the 12 to 15 dollar range. I was starting to get into playing basketball, so I considered buying the basketball box, but I chose the baseball card box instead, because baseball was what I collected, and baseball was the sport I knew more about (at the time). So, I took it home and opened it and had a blast looking at cards and chewing stale gum.

But what if I hadn’t opened it? What if I still had the unopened box today? Well, it would have been a decent investment. On May 3, a 1987 Topps box sold for $27.00 with a $20 shipping charge on Ebay. And I noticed some were going for as much as $40 each. Not bad. What if I had bought the basketball box and kept it unopened till today? Well, the last 1986-87 Fleer basketball box sold for a bit more. On April 18, an unopened box of this product sold for $110,100.00. $110,100.00!!!!!!!! I’m not making this up. Look it up!

So what’s the difference? Well, there were fewer basketball boxes produced, but it’s more than that. It’s the power and popularity of Michael Jordan. Jordan’s rookie was in that product, along with lots of other legends, and since it was the first major basketball offering from the Fleer company it slowly grew in value until the late 90’s I guess was when it started to skyrocket. So, yes, if I’d had more wisdom as a kid, I could now pay off our mortgage with a box of cardboard, filled with cardboard. What a crazy world we live in!!

Thank you for reading my 103rd blog.

Mark Inglis

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