I finally got it!

On Monday of this week I finally got my Covid vaccine. I got the Johnson and Johnson one, and for the most part it was a breeze. The injection hurt, and then the injection site was sore for about 48 hours, but no other side effects for me. You’d think someone who had “Corona” in the title of his blog would have gotten it before now, but I was a little slow getting there. I certainly wasn’t opposed to it, but I wanted the lines to die down, and I wanted to wait for the reemergence of the Johnson and Johnson version. I didn’t want to have to go back.

The most entertaining part of the whole thing was when an elderly lady came to the pharmacy where I was getting it (without a mask on in a crowded grocery store) and waltzed right up to an unauthorized area to get her Pfizer vaccine. “Ma’am, you can’t be back there.” “I’m just resting. I just had back surgery.” “Ma’am we’re only doing Johnson and Johnson today.” “What?!? The website didn’t say that.” “Yes ma’am, it did.” And so then she huffed out muttering under her breath. So I liked the fact that she wanted to get the vaccine, but wasn’t worried enough about infection to wear a mask, and then I also was curious why someone who had just had back surgery would go out (possibly at all), but without MAKING SURE – maybe calling the pharmacy ahead of time, to see what the plan was for that day.

But, ultimately, I’m not that surprised by her. I live In Alabama.

Thank you for reading my 104th blog.

Mark Inglis

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