58 percent

58% of adults in the U.S. have had at least one Covid vaccination shot now. That’s pretty good I guess, but it seems like it should be higher. I was curious about the rates for other vaccines, so I went to the CDC “FastStats”, and found that in 2015, the following percentages of kids were vaccinated…

Polio – 92.6%

Measles, Mumps, Rubella – 90.8%

Hepatitis B – 90.6%

So, I guess these numbers mean we still don’t have faith in the Covid vaccines yet. I blame that on the inundation of information out there – both correct and incorrect. It makes people that are unsure about the vaccine, that much more unsure. It was way different back in the day. Like the polio vaccine for example. In 1953 there were 35,000 cases of Polio, but thanks to a government push and promotion by the March of Dimes, by 1961 there were only 161 cases! And that was not without problems, but my point is that people didn’t give up on it, because there was less focus on the problems. Now a days(a phrase which makes me sound old), people are chickening out because of tiny, itsy bitsy, miniscule problems (in the whole scheme of things). So, maybe we just need a more popular organization to be in charge (rather than the government). Polio had the March of Dimes, maybe we need the Red Cross, or McDonald’s, or Will Ferrell. Wouldn’t you take the shot if Ron Burgundy said it was safe?

Thank you for reading my 107th blog.

Mark Inglis

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