Letting go

I’ve been trying to do some painting recently – abstract art mainly, and I find I make much more interesting paintings when I have no idea what I’m going to paint. I do my best work, when I put a bunch of paint on a canvas and just start spreading it out. Eventually it takes some kind of form that then produces an idea that I can build on from there. I’ve included a picture of a large 5 foot by 4 foot painting I did called “3:00.” The Bible says that Jesus died at 3:00, so my painting is meant to represent God’s wrath at the murder of his Son. And as I was saying in the beginning, this started out with me just spreading color here and there – with a wooden spoon no less! It’s amazing how when I just let go, and let God work through me, what grand things I/we can come up with. I’ll leave you with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that says the same thing…

“This voice of fable has in it somewhat divine. It came from thought above the will of the writer. That is the best part of each writer which has nothing private in it; that which he does not know; that which flowed out of his constitution and not from his too active invention; that which in the study of a single artist you might not easily find, but in the study of many you would abstract as the spirit of them all.”

Thank you for reading my 108th blog.

Mark Inglis

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