Oh Marcell!

So, as I’ve said several times in my blogs, I’ve bought and sold baseball cards for many years, and often times I’ll invest in one certain player. One of those that I invested in recently was Marcell Ozuna. I guess that investment is worthless now! For those of you who haven’t heard, Marcell Ozuna (of the Atlanta Braves) was recently arrested for choking his wife and throwing her into a wall… in front of the police, no less! He also allegedly threatened to kill her. So my blog today is about why people would give up so much for one release of passion and anger?

Marcell Ozuna was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, so I’m guessing he was no Rockefeller. He worked his tail off to be the best he could be in baseball, make it to America, make the major leagues, work his way up, eventually sign a 4-year contract with the Braves for $65,000,000!……… and then throw it all away to beat up his wife. How do you do that??? How do you give up all that fame and fortune and comfort to spend 5 minutes or so releasing your rage? Was that release worth loosing all that money and status and wasting all of those years of hard work? What ever happened to counting to ten and thinking things over? Whatever happened to pausing and looking at the bigger picture? And it’s not just Ozuna.

Think of all the stories of road rage and shootings over nothing you’ve heard in recent years. People have forgotten how to step back and think of the consequences of their actions. I don’t know if the violence of TV and movies and sports has subconsciously seeped into our brains and then explodes out of us when we are threatened, or if it’s this sense of entitlement that so many people seem to have where their way is the best way and the only way. Maybe it’s because people in power are often treated differently by the courts, and so people on the fringes of power think they can get away with things as well. I don’t know. But when thing I know for sure. One thing I need to ask. Does anyone need a bunch of Marcell Ozuna rookies at a big discount?

Thank you for reading my 115th blog.

Mark Inglis

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