Wottle the Throttle

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on slow and steady productivity rather than the explosions of effort that I have sometimes. I’m pretty sure I get more done in the long run when I’m slow and steady, and to add to that I’m pretty sure I get more done when I do it my way… when I “run my own race” so to speak. I don’t do as well when I’m trying to emulate someone else’s style and pace. Now to completely contradict myself in the very next sentence.

My goal is to work in much the same way that a great runner named Dave Wottle won an Olympic gold medal. If you don’t know that name, look him up on Youtube. It’s worth seeing whether you like running or not. Dave Wottle won the gold medal in the 1972 Olympics in the 800 meter race. Dave was dead last half way through the race and only had one lap to catch and pass the greatest runners in the world in that event, but he was able to do it because he ran his own race. Everyone else went out too fast, but Dave didn’t panic and ran his pace. Because he kept his head he still had energy for the second half and was able to win the race by inches. He also ran the race in a cap! How cool is this guy?!? I guess the main point I’m trying to make is I need to focus on the entire race rather than the here and now. As a Christian I have a lot of time ahead of me, so I need to focus on slow and steady rather than rushed, frenzied, poorly planned today. Thank you for reading my 121st blog.

Mark Inglis

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