Goose fingers

Is it just me, or are Canadian Geese taking over the planet? We have a couple of small ponds across the street from our neighborhood, and geese are everywhere over there! When you walk by you have to dodge their weird grey and green poop, and you have to make sure you don’t get too close to them or they’ll hiss at you and flap their wings aggressively. And they’re not the brightest animals. One tried to attack my van once… as I was driving towards it! So my question is, why aren’t we eating these things? They look tasty to me. I looked up info on the internet and found that they were once endangered, but that’s certainly not a thing now. And I found that we don’t have any government oversight to test them for disease, but that shouldn’t be a major difficulty… just expand the agency that tests other kinds of birds that we eat. I really want to know what processed goose tastes like! Could I have goose burgers? Or goose fingers and fries? What about goose salad sandwiches? I don’t know, though. I guess they are kind of a beautiful animal. Maybe I should be targeting something even more plentiful and less attractive… Oh, I know! Rat fritters anyone?

Thank you for reading my 122nd blog.

Mark Inglis

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