America’s Dad

When I found out that Heathcliff Huxtable was a rapist I didn’t know what was what anymore. Down was up, right was left,… I thought anything was possible. I thought maybe I really didn’t know anyone! I let this guy into my house as a kid and watched his antics and thought how much fun it would be to know a family like that. But then I find out that not only was he a rapist, but a SERIAL rapist! My mind was blown. But, when he went to jail I figured that was that. “He’s an old man; he’ll probably die in there and that will be that.” But as we all now know, boy was I wrong!

How do you let a serial rapist out on a technicality??? As a father of 3 daughters, I really think all serial rapists should be completely castrated, both so they can’t do that any more and so potential rapists might think twice. You sure don’t let them out because some early prosecutor made a bad deal. Rich people get away with too much. If that had been an average Joe rather than Bill Cosby, average Joe would have still been in jail – regardless of the early deal. We need to just write out a set penalty for every crime with no deals allowed, and then if you are convicted of said crime you do said time. That would not be hard and it would be fair to everyone. You could even make the entire list public, so potential criminals could look up the punishment for their crime and see if they’re willing to take the chance of getting away with it. Littering – $500 fine. “Okay I’ll give that a chance. If I get caught, no big deal.” RAPE – No more penis. “Maybe I’ll just stay in a take a really cold shower.” Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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